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The Vagina Warrior & The Vagicians

Are here to serve and contribute.

The Vagician team is on site for one ensure you have the best V-Warrior Workshop experience. We take care of YOU! 


This interactive workshop includes, 

individual & group activities, meditations, energy healing and auditory, olfactory, tactile and visual processes tailored specifically for women of all ages. Be prepared to examine key areas of your life like relationships, finances, family, career, work-life balance, beliefs, trauma, pain and your greatest fears & desires. You will be supported throughout the experience in a safe environment designed for you to breakthrough to break free.


You've thought about it. Are you ready to do the work? How long will you continue to put your life, happiness, needs, wants and greatest desires on the top shelf promising to address it next week, next year, next time. This moment and this time is what determines your tomorrow. THIS IS YOUR TIME.  Time to heal, hear and harness your inner V-Warrior and Goddess in a safe, female-centered environment to create and live the life you truly desire and deserve.

Dr. Anthony-The Vagina Warrior

Renaisa S. Anthony, MD, MPH

Dr. Anthony is a Harvard, University of Chicago & Vanderbilt trained,

 licensed & practicing women's integrative care physician. She is truly a Wonder Woman in a White Coat with a personal story of overcoming adversity by hearing, healing and harnessing her inner Woman Warrior & Goddess.

As a physician, Dr. Anthony has a backstage pass into the lives of women who share their deepest secrets with her. She is committed beyond caring for just the body parts of women but the entire woman (mind, body, spirit). She combines her Western knowledge of medicine with Eastern modalities of guided meditation, visualization, self-reflection, energy work, movement and somatic breathing.

In her spare time, Dr. Anthony enjoys karaoke, travel and dancing. 

The Vagicians

Beeta Kashani-McCroy, MPH

Beeta is passionate about social  justice and empowering women. She is recently married and has three beloved dogs. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, hanging out with family & friends and staying informed via Twitter. Beeta is from the great State of Kansas where Dorothy  clicked her heels and repeated aloud "There is No Place Like Home." 

Sujey Pichardo

Sujey is passionate about serving women and girls to be the best versions of themselves. She is bilingual (Spanish & English) and finds particular joy supporting and empowering other single moms to live life on their own terms while nurturing their children to be productive and healthy. She enjoys fashion design, make up artistry and time with her daughter.  

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