What Is the V-Warrior Workshop

Hear, Heal & Harness Your Inner V-Warrior & Goddess

The VW Workshop is an exclusive, all-inclusive workshop  

Designed to meet your unique needs as a women. Are you ready, willing and able to start the journey to take life to the next level?  

 Embark on an immersive & transformative journey to explore, restore, rejuvenate & reclaim key areas  in your life including but not limited to your relationships, finances, health, family, career, emotions, time, sensuality, personal growth, passion & purpose

 What is a Vagina Warrior?  

She is both Warrior & Goddess!  A female leader! Her sword and armor are her secret weapons and harnessed quickly when needed. Her presence is palpable as she leads with her magnetic radiance. She follows her own values, sets clear boundaries and understands what she needs to be the best version of herself. She accepts and loves her perfectly imperfect self and has transformed pain into purpose.  Understanding how and when to call on your V-Warrior or Goddess is the link to truly living the life you desire & deserve.    


A male bashing,independent woman seminar.

 A waddle in my misery boo hoo festival.

 A listen to speakers pitch seminar.

 A Vagina Monologue audition.

 A weekend shopping spree.

A sex toy convention.

 A hibernation weekend. 

A pity, roof top, pool party. 

An "upsell" promotional event. 

A weekend to check off to do lists. 

A paint our faces and nails gathering.
A let's look at our vaginas workshop weekend



Is the V-Warrior Workshop 4 Me

Do You Fit Into Any Of These Categories?

Most "transformation" workshops are open to both men and women.  

The Vagina Warrior Workshop is a safe space designed for women ages 18 to post menopausal age.    

Do you want to experience more out of life?  

More joy, happiness, fulfilment, stability, love, connection, purpose, money, work-life balance, abundance, health, time, freedom, spiritual growth, contribution, passion and more?

      Are you tired of living for and caring for everyone but you?  

Many women never reach their full potential because they live for everyone else first. It is time for your very own personal "time out." You only have one life to live. Can you afford to continue living life for everyone else? 

   Have you achieved success in many areas of your life 

Are you a master of achievement but something is still missing? That relationship, family, home, etc.? Have you ever asked...is this all there is to my life?

 Do you need to transform pain into purpose? 

Are you avoiding or still suffering from guilt, pain or shame from the past. Are you reliving your divorce, death of a loved one, childhood trauma, low self-worth, depression, anxiety, unfilled work/life balance, heartbreak, miscarriage, single parenthood, single womanhood, infertility, sexual abuse, rape, alcohol or substance abuse? It is time to be free, to release and reclaim your life.  

 If you fit into any of these categories, then this workshop is designed specifically for you!   

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